Thursday, November 6, 2014


Recent conversations with my nephew made me realize how fast he is growing up that soon he won't be needing us anymore. This made me remember some of my favorite funny moments with him and got me laughing by myself I just had to compile them while they're still fresh in my memory. I guess an alternative title for this post is How To Traumatize Kids! Hahahaha

Hammie: Tita Boom, naglalaro ka ba ng tecs (tex?text?teks?) nung bata ka?
Beam:(nandiri ang mukha) No! Larong kalye kaya yun.
Hammie tingin sakin sabay balik ang tingin kay Beam
Hammie:(nagaalangan) Si Tita Tin naglalaro daw ng tecs noon eh
Beam:(hindi makapaniwalang tumingin sakin at nandidiri parin ang mukha) O?! Naglalaro ka nun???
Tin:(biglang nagalangan narin pero hindi nagpahalata kaya tumawa nakang) Oo! Oo naman! 
Beam:(balik sa ginagawa nya) talaga?! Yuck!

Hammie: Tita Tin, may field trip na kami!
Tin: Kelan? Para masabi na natin kay Mommy
Hammie: Sa nov.xx pero wala pang letter nag orientation pa lang kanina..(3 second pause, iniisip kung sasabihin o hinde).. Pero sana hindi na kasama si Mommy..
Tin, napatigil sa ginagawa at tumawa ng malakas
Hammie: Nakakahiya kasi eh pag may kasamang mommy.. So I can sit with my friends!

Hammie pasikretong gumawa ng 'potion' at tinago sa freezer. Pagtapos maghapunan naisipang tignan ang 'potion' nya kung ready na daw. Lightbulb moment for evil Tita Tin...
Tin: anong potion yan? Bakit gumagawa ka nyan??
Hammie:(iniiwasang sumagot) wala lang gusto ko eh
Tin: saan mo nakuha yung recipe? Sa Creepy Pasta? Anong laman nyan?
Hammie:(binuksan ang bote ng 'potion') hinde, wala lang, tinuro sakin ni --.. Ay hindi pa ready (yung 'potion') (sinara ang bote sabay balik sa freezer)
Tin: naku Hammie, baka naman kung ano ang ma-summon ng spell na yan ah..
Nakisama ang panahon. Lumalakas ang hangin at medyo kumikidlat.
Hammie: hinde wala lang yun
Tin: anong wala?! Eh nung binuksan mo yung bottle biglang lumakas yung hangin tas kumikidlat pa eh kanina hindi naman. Anong chant ang sinabi mo jan?
Hammie:(medyo nagfi-freak out na pero ayaw pahalata) but it's really nothing! It's just soap and water!
Mas lumakas na ang hangin
Tin: don't you know the most important ingredient sa mga potions? It's the intent! Yung intention mo ang important recipe nyan! Kaya kahit soap and water lang yan..Nakuuu Hammie! Baka kung ano na ang lumabas ah baka meron ng nakadungaw sa bintana!
Biglang nag fluctuate at black-out ng 3 seconds.. HAMMIE-MENTAL BREAKDOWN!

Si Hammie umakyat para maligo, mahigit 30 minutes na hindi pa bumababa. 
Tin:(Habang naglalakad paakyat ng hagdan) 🎶Hammie🎶! Buhay ka pa ba o kinuha ka na ni maligno??

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Mystery of the Clump of Pearls

A couple of months back a client said she'd be sending over a string of pearls in silver thread for redesigning. She tried to explain that they were tangled but that was an understatement. What I received was a clump of pearls in silver string. I couldn't even tell if there was a clasp or not, where it began and ended, and what kind of necklace it was.. *sigh* my client friend never ceases to amaze me! 

So I tried playing Dr.Quackquack and tried to untangle them but it seemed when one knot was free another one formed. And as if that's not hard enough, I found out the pearls were glued to the string! It was taking too much time and I was losing patience I had to set it aside to work on my other projects. Although from time to time I'd work on it, it still looked the same as when I first got it. I was feeling hopeless.

Finally done with everything else and now having some free time, I decided to take this on and not accept orders until it's done. Two headaches after and nowhere near finished I decided the best course to take was to just cut the string and pull out the pearl. Which I did and found out how strong the glue was that even after yanking out the thread, which was no easy feat, for most of the pearls the silver foil covering the thread and some thread didn't come off completely, so it blocked the hole. I had to poke it out with a sharp needle and then pull out the thread fiber by fiber until I could see through the hole. 

I broke off 3 needles doing this and although I could see through it there were still some silver foil in there so the next challenge was finding something that's thin to slide through the hole but hard enough to push through the foil remnants. Nylon thread was too soft. A thread would need a needle but the needle was too thick. Which means a pearl strand look was out of the question. The silver colored copper wire I normally use was also too thick. So I went with .04 copper wire. I tried some chainmaille with the copper chains, came out with something nice but have no idea what it's called. 

And so finally after three months it's done! And I'm so proud of how beautiful they turned out to be.

Monday, December 2, 2013

My Mourning Rant

I keep remembering your last day, our last trip. You looked so happy and excited. Surprised when I put you in the car that you were actually going with us. Looking out the window, insisting on sitting on my lap instead of going to the other side to watch everything go by. And then looking forward to check where we are then going back to the window. You wanted to lie down, but also want to see outside so you just stand up, spraying your saliva everywhere as your breathing turn into pants. And we laugh at you, because you make evrything you do look so adorably cute.

We stop over for food, and as Beam goes down you scratch at the door wanting to go with her. We tell you to stay and we play instead. When food arrived I offered you a piece of bread, but you turn it down and I laughed because you never turn down bread! I offered you fries and you didn't want any of it either, so I saved you some in case you changed your mind once we reach the cemetery.

We got there and after you peed on the tires of all 3 cars, we headed to the grass and you laid down. You'd get up walk a little and then lie down, not wanting to go too far from us. The most obedient and behaved little baby, we didn't even have to hold your leash. The humans socialized  but also watched as you waddled through the grass. You were so cute that we didn't realize how much you were suffering. We thought the grass, fresh air and water would help cool you down. We were wrong. We finally had to leave because you didn't look too well anymore. We headed home, you were in so much pain. I can't get that out of my head. The way your eyes bulged as you gasped for air, moving you paws like you were swimming. I should've said something, should've told them to stop at whatever vet we see, but I didn't. I fooled myself into thinking that you were young and you can make it until we get home. I was struggling to keep you from biting your tongue that I was relieved when ou started to relax. And I thought 'there, see, you rode it out'. And then we reached home. As I moved you to get out of the car, your head went limp, and though you were breathing, there was no more reaction from you. We decided to rush you to your vet and I could feel your breathing getting weaker. If I wasn't holding you on my lap I would've thought you dead but for the faint breathing and occasional twitch. When we finally reached, they tried to lower down your temperature, saying you were in critical condition, you were too hot that even the temp reader couldn't read it anymore. I could tell, somehow, although the vet tried to resuscitate you, that we've lost you. The way you didn't respond or move at all. The way the vet hesitated with the treatment, all the while saying you were critical. Explaining how faint your heartbeat was. And then you left us while they were still trying to treat you. Papa calling out your name, the doctor doing CPR. Your body gave out. 

I have so many regrets that day. So many things I wish I could have done different. I never wished for rewind quite as hard as I did for you. I love you Choppy! You brightened up our every day and night. Always ready to play and always obedient. You were our most cheerful and most talented and my most cherished.  

Today I find it hard to go downstairs, to where you always are, because everywhere I look I expect you to be there. You were such a big part of my life that it's hard to move around without thinking of you. Today I shed tears while cooking tofu because you loved it so much. Today I shed tears while toasting bread, because you always magically turn up beside me begging for some when I open the bread container. Today I shed tears looking at the christmas tree because you were no longer under it, hiding. Today I shed tears when I looked around and realized I had noone to tease. Today I shed tears when I saw your chair and you weren't on it. Today I shed tears when I saw bola. I shed so many tears for you and I find it hard to breathe when I remember you. I prayed so hard on our way home yesterday for you to be okay, and maybe that was why you relaxed and fell into coma, because it was better that way than to keep breathing and suffer. 

Thank you Choppy for your unconditional love. I love you and will try to stop choking with tears when I'm reminded of you. In time I will learn to smile at all our happy memories. Now I know your ultimate revenge for making you cry when I'm bored, is making me cry too. I love you and I miss you.

Chopan "Choppy" D. Consumido
March 12,2010-Dec 01,2013

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Little Princess

For the little ladies, these dainty pieces will make them feel every bit as special as a Disney Princess! 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Bridal Shower

For a unique bridal shower, these statement earrings were worn by the bride's friends and given to the bride as gifts after the party. I heard they had some pieces auctioned off :)

Statement earrings can also be given by the bride as her thank you tokens to her female entourage.

Sunday, November 3, 2013


For this vintage inspired souvenirs, glass beads, wood, crystals and corals were used to create big, colorful and also dainty pieces that were the trend back in the 40's and 50's.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

True Friends

One of my favorite shows' mission this week is Finding True Friends. The 6 guys were given a folder that they had to fill with their friends' kissmark as confirmation of their being true friends. They first discuss what makes a true friend so they'd know who to approach. One guy said the first person that pops in your head is a true friend. Others say the ones that are there when you're at your lowest while some say the ones with you through good and tough times. And ofcourse childhood friends or friends you've known for years. When asked how many they thought were their true friend the average answer was 2-3. And then I did a quick count and came up with the same. Throughout the show, as they one by one tell their stories about their friends or why they lost contact, I can't help but think of my own.

One guy had a falling out with his bestfriend 7 years ago, but still considers him his best. When he was given the mission the first person that came to mind was that friend. I could totally relate. Whenever I'm asked who my bestfriend is there's only one person that comes to mind. We drifted apart because of miscommunication and although we're friends again, the feeling now is more cordial than comfortable. But still I consider her my best. And just like that guy, losing that friend was one thing I regret the most. She is, in my opinion, a true friend no matter how far we've grown apart.

One guy chose his childhood friends. There were 5 of them, although 1 left for abroad. He called one friend first to meet up. You could tell by their easy conversation that they're close. But his friend couldn't meet him, he was in China. He was surprised but asked where their other friend was and his friend chuckled and informed him that that friend was currently with him. He was shocked at not even knowing this and his friend asked if this was for the show. So he explained the mission and with this the friend laughed. Because the last remaining friend is with them IN CHINA! Although the friend was laughing you can tell by the look on his face that he was hurt. In a separate interview he said that as a celebrity his friends could see him on T.V. And root for him, but he didn't even think to call them to ask how they were because he was busy. And if he had he'd have already known that they were all abroad. He felt as if someone had purposely sent his friends to China so he could see how much he's neglected them and taken them for granted. This happens to all of us. Sometimes I find myself missing friends so much but still I don't call or text because I don't have the time to chat. And then I'd feel a bit sad when I find out things on SNS along with their other friends instead if hearing the story straight from that friend. There's the feeling of being left out yet it was because I didn't make time for them. Sometimes we think only of ourselves we fail to realize we made it that way. 

The show runs for over an hour and in that span of time I had deeply reflected on my friendships that I felt compelled to share the show, to see if it would affect you as it did me. Obviously the definition of a true friend differs with every person. We sometimes wonder which of our friends would come through for us, which ones are our real friends. But have we ever asked ourselves whether WE are being a true friend?

Watch The Human Condition on KBS (channel 75 on Skycable) every Saturdays, 12 midnight. Or catch your missed episodes on  KBSWorld T.V.